From 101 To Wall Street:
How To Be a Magnet for Money™

Drawing from a wealth of experience in professional development, coaching, and business-to business communications skills development, Brenda Besdansky, president of San Francisco Bay Area-based Speakers World, is regarded as a preeminent financial presentation skills coach for “101 to Wall Street” companies.

With an enviable reputation for successfully coaching an expanding range of multinational corporations, high-profile business speakers, and business school students since the late 80’s, Brenda weaves her extensive professional development expertise with theater, television, and radio experience, to provide innovative financial presentation coaching skills in support of emerging high-tech companies.

Focusing on the entrepreneurial and early entrant arenas, Brenda coaches these “players” on how to effectively package and project their strategy, talent, leadership, and general “stage-craft” in preparation for negotiating the highly competitive venues of securing venture capital. “Capitalizing on these attributes, and presenting a compelling and strategic vision, along with your existing resources, and a boundless competitive spirit in an influential and persuasive fashion will be critical in motivating investors to become active contributors in your growth.  In order to achieve this, your enterprise must be introduced in a finely crafted wrapper that not only meets the potential investor’s focus, but their own criteria for success as well. Brown bag or generic lunches are out. Tailored presentations are in.”

Our From 101 to Wall Street: How to be a Magnet for Money™ series is designed specifically for your company’s needs. The series includes professional training and coaching programs that enable executives to design and deliver effective pitches to the investment community, whether the setting is formal or casual.

The challenge of creating and sustaining investor interest is never-ending. In today’s market, it is particularly critical to stand out from the crowd. Let’s discuss how Speakers World can help your company get its act together using “business theater” to be as effective and persuasive as you really are.

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